Jesse Lyle Bootman

Current Health Crisis is why Jesse Lyle Bootman has Dedicated Decades to Medical Research 

Your local pharmacist is essentially the conduit between laboratory research and the best medical practices. These individuals offer access to medication that can have a major positive impact on a person’s well-being. The products you can pick up from the local pharmacy are the result of arduous research conducted by individuals like Jesse Lyle Bootman, whose years in academia helped to produce hundreds of articles into pharmaceutical topics. With previous roles that include college professor, active-duty public health officer and founding director of an institute to improve patient outcomes, J. Lyle Bootman has spent decades moving the field of public health forward. 

Currently, Mr. Bootman is senior vice president for Global Health and Consumer Initiatives at Tabula Rasa HealthCare, located in New Jersey. This company, which uses technology and data to drive healthcare decisions, fits perfectly into the objectives that medical professionals are currently championing: how to keep us safe in a time of uncertainty. The development of a vaccine that would boost immunity against the coronavirus is many months, if not years, away from the widespread application. Jesse Lyle Bootman says the clinical trials that are currently underway will likely lead us out of the current pandemic – but it’s going to take time. 

Jesse Lyle Bootman, as a former professor of pharmacy, medicine, and public health at the University of Arizona where he served on the faculty for 40 years, knows that meaningful discoveries take time to unearth. As the author of more than 300 research articles, Mr. Bootman has put his nose to the grindstone in search of improving outcomes for patients. For example, he used a $96,200 fund on behalf of Pfizer, Inc. to study “Pharmacoeconomics and Drug-Related Morbidity.” Morbidity is an issue that’s more relevant now than in most of our lifetimes, as rates of disease within a given population is what “flattening” the coronavirus “curve” is all about. 

A conversation with J. Lyle Bootman, Ph.D.. Interview by Patrick Mullen.

Such prestigious research is one reason why Jesse Lyle Bootman’s career has been marked by achievement awards from institutions such as the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Research. The fact that he earned the highest award possible from the University of Minnesota – where he earned his master’s and doctorate degrees – set the tone for a long and fruitful career. As medical experts around the globe continue to conduct pharmacological research into coronavirus-related vaccines, J. Lyle Bootman will continue to watch closely as a new era of discoveries is made. 

jesse lyle bootman
Jesse Lyle Bootman